You Can Achieve Optimal Health! When the Right Treatment is Given at the Right Time to the Right Patient, Miracles Happen.

Dr. Sadie works as a health detective, counselor, teacher, and coach, in order to help each person achieve the best results possible. Whether you are interested in prevention, longevity, or recovery, Dr. Sadie may be the health expert you’ve been looking for. To learn about Dr. Sadie and how she can help you, explore this site, email or call for more information. Dr. Sadie works with local, visiting and distant people. Please contact Dr. Sadie for information on free introductory consultations to help you find out if she is the right guide for you.

Dr. Sadie helps you or your pet attain the health you’ve always wanted by finding:
* The root cause(s) of your health challenges and the best way to address these causes.

* She creates the most effective health plan for your unique physiology and lifestyle.

This may include energetic healing for allergies, immune challenges, toxicity, nutritional deficiencies, hormones, emotions, traumas, musculoskeletal imbalances, etc. This may also include supplement recommendations, dietary advice, detoxification, stress relief, weight loss support, exercises, stretches, postural advice, breathing techniques and/or referrals to other practitioners or doctors. Dr. Sadie believes that it is important to address health from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective.

* Dr. Sadie also answers health and wellness questions. She serves as a guide and health coach. She empowers her clients to listen to their own intuition so that they can make better decisions about their bodies and their health.

* Dr. Sadie helps people and animals with any condition that affects the body, mind or spirit.


Approaches to Restoring and Optimizing Health:

* Nutritional Response Testing * Applied Kinesiology * Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique * Body Talk * Neuroemotional Technique * Emotional Freedom Technique *Jaffe-Mallor Technique * Chinese Energetic Method * Directional Non-force Technique * Cranial Rebalancing * Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Retraining

Other Healing Modalities:

* Diet and Nutritional Counseling * Herbal Medicine *Anti-aging Medicine * Natural Hormone Therapy * Natural Pain Relief * Homeopathy * Essential Oils * Flower Essences * Breathing Techniques * Exercises * Stretches * Weight Loss Support * Stress Relief *Postural Advice * and much more

Dr. Sadie utilizes her highly refined intuition to determine which technique(s) would be the most effective for your body and your particular health concern. She also incorporates concepts from many other techniques that she has studied and developed. In Dr. Sadie’s experience, different people’s energetic systems require different approaches and various health challenges may demand a more intuitive approach.


When the Right Treatment is Given at the Right Time to the Right Patient, Miracles Happen.   ph: 52-322-146-4637   fx: 541-550-3890